1. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Frank Furness, c. 1871-1876 

    Furness and Hewitt won the competition for their design. The composition reads as abstract and is built in an eclectic style. Strong sense of pattern in the facade and interiors. Highly idiosyncratic in its detail. Unusual shifts in scale across the façade that classify it as high Victorian. Main materials used here are polychromatic bricks, terracotta tiles and iron. Organic decorative art created in iron that resembles industrial components.

    Sense of richness in the interior decoration that borders on oriental. Within the fine detail, you find robust gestures. Raw materials such as iron are left exposed. Highly ornate on one level and basic and bare on the other. They designed a double roof to diffuse the light entering into the gallery spaces. 

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    PA Academy of Fine Arts. Frank Furness. Philadelphia. 1876.
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